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It’s up to you to understand who you can cover under your medical, dental, and vision benefits. Be sure to review the information below before you enroll in coverage.

Am I Eligible for Benefits?

You are eligible for benefits if you work at least 30 hours per week.

You can enroll your eligible dependents for medical, dental, vision, life, and AD&PL insurance coverage.

Who Can I Cover?

You are able to cover your spouse or domestic partner and eligible child(ren) under most of the benefits offered. Eligible children can be covered up to age 26. When you enroll for benefits, you will see the available coverage level displayed for your benefits.

If you add a new dependent, you will receive a Dependent Verification form in your home mail. You must submit the documentation to validate your dependent within 31 days. Failure to provide adequate documentation of your dependents will result in a loss of their coverage.

For more information about coverage levels, log on to NMGbenefits.com.

Spouse/Domestic Partner Subsidy Differential

The spouse/domestic partner subsidy differential means your contribution will be $150 more per month if you cover a spouse/domestic partner who has access to medical insurance through their employer or another source. It costs NMG more to cover spouses/domestic partners than associates. If a spouse/domestic partner can get medical coverage through their employer but declines that coverage, the associate shares some of the additional cost of coverage under the NMG program through higher associate contributions.

If you choose to cover a spouse/domestic partner, you will be required to certify online at the time of enrollment, and re-certify each year during Annual Enrollment, whether your spouse/domestic partner does or does not have access to other medical coverage.

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