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Health Coaching

At Neiman Marcus Group, we value the benefits of engaging in your physical, emotional, social, and community wellbeing. We encourage you to take advantage of our Marquee Health Wellness program, which is available to all employees at no cost. Our goal is to provide wellness resources to help you live a healthier, stronger, and more vibrant lifestyle!

Did You Participate in a Biometric Screening?

If you (or your covered spouse/domestic partner) completed a Biometric Screening but did not pass the waist circumference* and/or cotinine screening, you can participate in the Health Coaching program to qualify for the full premium differential.

*If you (or your covered spouse/domestic partner) are pregnant and do not pass the waist circumference screening, you can have your physician fill out and fax the Quest Diagnostics Physician Affidavit Form to earn the full premium differential. You will not need to complete the Health Coaching program.

Note: You must schedule your first coaching session with the UBody Weight Management Program or the UBreathe Tobacco Cessation Program by June 16 and complete all four (4) sessions by July 31 to earn up to $1,200 toward your premium differential. You will see premium credits applied to your paycheck beginning in September. The first credits will include additional premium differential credits due from August 1 through September.

How to Get Started—connect to Marquee Health in the following ways:

New Hire Eligibility

You must take your Biometric Screening within 30 days of your hire date to qualify for the full medical plan premium differential for your entire family (up to $1,600). Regardless of your screening results, you will not be required to participate in the health coaching, this is a special exception for new hires only. If you choose not to complete the Biometric Screening you will not qualify for the premium differential.

Additional Services

Marquee Health provides access to health and wellbeing resources right at your fingertips! Programs include:

  • Unlimited health coaching
  • Fun wellness challenges
  • On-demand wellness videos
  • Online health improvement modules
  • Wellbeing place blog
  • Monthly wellness webinars
  • Access to gym membership discounts

Whether you are completing health coaching to qualify for your medical premium differential or interested in building a stronger mind, body, and spirit, Marquee Health is your gateway to better health and wellbeing.

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